Patent & Trademark

We procure and protect your intellectual property (IP) rights. Our services include: prosecuting patent and trademark applications, patent proceedings of Inter Partes Review (IPR), Post-Grant Review (PGR), Reissue, and Reexamination, and trademark proceedings of Opposition and Cancellation.

The technical backgrounds of the attorneys and agents in our patent group are diverse by design. We assist clients across a broad spectrum of industries for patent prosecution and post-grant proceedings. Our technology areas include: 







Green Technology

Artificial Intelligence

Consumer Products

Trademark and branding may not only help you achieve an edge over competitors in market places but also generate a stream of revenue. We will help you to create and protect trademark and branding rights. Our services include:

  • Obtaining trademark registration in U.S.
  • Conducting trademark proceedings of Opposition and Cancellation
  • Helping to boost your brand value and market share in E-commerce market places such as Amazon