We provide opinions on patentability, freedom-to-operate, and patent validity/invalidity in a broad range of technical subject matter, which are essential to executing cost-effectiveness in R&D, market analysis, and strategic patenting. 

  • Patentability
    Obtaining a patent not only costs a significant amount of filing and attorney fees (up to tens of thousands of dollars), but also takes a long time (up to several years). Thus, it would often make sense for a company to investigate whether its invention would be patentable before deciding to file a patent application. We provide opinions as to whether your specific invention would be patentable. We review patent and non-patent literatures in various languages including English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean to best assist you in deciding whether filing a patent application for your invention is a right business decision.   
  • Freedom-to-Operate (FTO)
    At any stage of your company's operation (such as planning R&D, testing, and manufacturing), it is strategically important to investigate whether such operation can be done without infringing valid intellectual property rights of others in a particular country. We search and review granted patent, trademarks, and other IP rights in that country to help you to ensure that your company has freedom to operate and thus to mitigate the risk of infringement litigation.
  • Validity
    Your company will occasionally find it necessary to determine whether a granted patent of yours or others is valid and enforceable. One such an occasion is where your company is sued for infringement and invalidating the opponent's patent is your first line of defense. Other occasion is where you are contemplating asserting, licensing, buying, or selling patent rights and want to know whether your patent is valid and enforceable. We provide opinion as to whether a particular patent is valid and enforceable by reviewing prior art documents in various languages.